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Prostatype provides a more reliable basis prior to the decision on treatment for diagnosed prostate cancer.

Let the patient’s gene expression contribute to your treatment decision

Prostatype’s gene analysis provides you and your patient with a measure of how aggressive or non-aggressive the cancer is. It is a supplementary puzzle piece prior to the important decision you make together with your patient on whether or not to treat the patient’s prostate cancer.

Prostatype costs 6250 SEK, including laboratory analysis. The test can be carried out by Prostatype Genomics’ IVO certified laboratory in Stockholm. In order to carry out the test, we need access to the patient’s biopsies which have already been taken in connection with the diagnosis. For ordering and patient consent, please fill out the attached documents. Prostatype Genomics arranges the logistics of transporting the biopsies to and from the bio bank at no extra charge. You normally receive the test results within 2-3 weeks.

Prostatype provides new prerequisites for reaching a clearer answer on how aggressive the prostate cancer is, and whether or not the patient should be treated. Prostatype is especially useful for patients with intermediate prostate cancer (Gleason 7-8) and in those cases where you as a doctor need additional information in order to make a treatment decision. The RNA expression of three genes in cancer stem cells is measured using the biopsy which has already been taken in connection with the diagnosis. This is combined with other information from the diagnosis and a so called P-score is calculated. The P-score provides a measure of how aggressive or non-aggressive the cancer is.

The result is an important puzzle piece and a valuable basis for you and your patient in the conversation on how to proceed.

Prostatype started as an idea in a research group at The Karolinska Institute. The work of developing Prostatype has been in progress for over ten years and the test is marketed by the company Prostatype Genomics.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Prostatype Genomics.

How to order Prostatype

As a treating urologist, you can order the test using the following order form:

Test Requisition Form (pdf)

Patient information and consent form:

Patientinformation_sv (pdf)

Please mail completed forms to